Ready to sell? Try these inexpensive kitchen updates

What’s in your kitchen? Todays home buyers not only  want updated kitchens, they expect them. In many instances even if a buyer loves the home, an outdated kitchen is a deal killer. If you’re planning on putting your home on the market take a look at your kitchen and ask yourself, would I buy this home today?

Now obviously it may not be feasible to remodel your entire kitchen – the average major remodel of a mid-range house is about 60-65,000 and substantially more for higher-end homes – but you may want to put some money into a renovation that refreshes for much less.

Update countertop and backsplash
Many people inherit a kitchen with outdated or worn tiles or stone. It’s a fairly simply process to remove the old and replace with new tile or stone slabs. Another option for purely refreshing is to have a stone expert refinish a stone counter through polishing and resealing, which removes old stains, nicks and worn spots.

Repaint cabinets
Not all cabinets are candidates for repainting but most can be sanded and refinished. This is particularly common today for homeowners who prefer a white or light color instead of older dark wood cabinets which are so common in aging houses. Cabinets can also be glazed or distressed to give more dimension and warmth or a more traditional style.

Add molding
There is nothing that adds character more quickly to a room than beautiful molding. For kitchens, this is easy to add around the ceiling line or directly to the cabinets. Today, medium density  fiber board or MDF materials are replacing actual wood and look exactly the same. Not only are they about half the price, but they don’t have to be primed before painting, which is a time and cost saver.

Install new lighting
Many older kitchens look dark and dull because of old bulbs or insufficient lighting. Particularly with the aging population, it is important to have good task lighting which can serve a dual purpose for functionality and decoration especially when dimmers are included. Chandeliers, recessed lights, track lights and under counter lighting are all good solutions. There are many creative solutions today, especially using LED lights which are a good low energy alternative to fluorescent.

Replace plumbing fixtures
Another piece of the kitchen that is often inherited is the faucet and other plumbing fixtures.  These are relatively inexpensive to replace and can change the whole look of your sink area as well as the utility of it. Today’s faucets have become like jewelry accessories as there are so many beautiful shapes, sizes and finishes that can all create a certain style and point of view.  There are also matching pieces like instant hot water faucets and water purifiers that can complete the ensemble.

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