Battling the Neighborhood Eyesore

If you are trying to sell your home, one of the biggest challenges you may have to overcome is the neighborhood foreclosure. It’s  even worse if the foreclosure home is right next door.

Abandoned homes can be an unpleasant sight. Overgrown lawns, boarded windows, sagging gutters, and unsightly mold—not to mention, a higher risk of fires, vandalism, rodents, and mosquito’s.

Properties are often left to deteriorate while in foreclosure limbo; the owner is already gone but the bank can’t take possession until the foreclosure process is finalized.

If that neighborhood eyesore is bringing down your ability to sell you home,  here are some steps you can consider:

Notify the homeowners’ association. Most HOAs will pay to have the grass mowed and take care of maintenance issues, and then tack the expense on to the HOA bill.

Investigate local and state laws. Whom should you contact with your gripe? Start with your city’s building division; it’s often in charge of making sure a vacant property is boarded and secured. The bylaw department can check for building code vio­lations, the fire department can inspect for fire hazards, and the police can help if there’s vandalism.

Make property boundaries clear. On the outside, fences make good neighbors; so does landscaping with arborvitae shrubs—a fast fix worth the investment. Inside, use plantation blinds turned down so the light comes in but the view does not. ”

Help with cleanup. Stepping in to help with the maintenance can be tricky. Regardless of your good intentions, your actions could be considered trespassing. First figure out who owns the property, which can be a challenge in itself, and then offer your assistance.

If you’re in the Houston area and thinking about selling your home call or email me today, Kimberly Whaley (832-576-4902), You need an agent that understands what external factors may influence the sale of your home.

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About Kimberly Whaley

Full time, Full Service Real Estate Agent in the The Woodlands and Spring Texas area. Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Texas Affordable Housing Specialist (TAHS)
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