Distressed Homeowners

There are many contributing factors for Distressed homeowners and the current housing market, primarily job loss or mortgage increases, but there are many other reasons why a homeowner can get in “over their head”. In most families it could take a relatively small expense that goes outside the budget to put them into a “catch up” situation that they may never fully recover from. It happens every day!

I honestly came into this business as a Real Estate Agent to help people fulfill their dream, of owning their own home. With the swift market change I quickly discovered that in some instances, homeowners also need help getting out of their homes. A paradigm shift in the way I was used to doing business. But helping people get through these trying times, has become my passion and my goal is to help as many homeowners as I can, get back on track.

The Short sale and Pre-foreclosure process is challenging. As a Distressed Property Specialist. I have a solid understanding of the complex issues homeowners are facing in our current real estate market. I have spent countless hours doing research, and invested considerable time and expense, training with leaders of the industry regarding foreclosure avoidance options available for distressed homeowners. Through comprehensive training and experience, I am able to provide solutions for homeowners facing a hardship in today’s market, specifically pre-foreclosure and short sales. My service to Distressed Homeowners that wish to Short Sale their home is absolutely FREE

I understand the prospect of foreclosure can be financially and emotionally devastating; often homeowners proceed without guidance of any kind, the results of which can be devastating, not just now, but for the rest of their life. Don’t become another statistic, the decisions you make today will determine your future. Let me assist you with a real solution to a temporary situation. Call, Email or complete the form below for a discreet, no cost consultation.


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